Our Story

Caison Yachts was founded on a dream, born from Donnie Caison's personal pursuit of his own perfect boat - a 37-foot sport fisher, crafted in every detail to match the boat he had envisioned for years.  What began as a dream boat has become Caison Yachts. Now occupying a 12,000 square foot facility with a full construction crew, Caison Yachts embodies Donnie's uncompromising passion for turning boating connoisseurs' wildest dreams into a reality.

The Process

Unlike production boats assembled in fiberglass from molds, Caison Yachts are built from wood using the traditional technique of cold molding, which yields a lighter craft with a smoother, quieter ride. Each boat starts with a wooden frame which is molded into shape. After the hull is sealed with high-strength marine epoxy, the wood is covered with a protective skin of fiberglass. Outfitting the boat's interior decor and amenities is the last step before a new Caison Yacht is ready for her maiden voyage.

What Our Customers Say

"The quality of every part of my Caison Yacht 'Final Verdict' is nothing but amazing which translates into excellent performance.  There is nothing I would change."
- P. Henry
Final Verdict Owner & Captain
"Donnie didn't try to persuade me one way or the other and was totally upfront on all aspects, such as the expense and time involved to take on this project. In the future, I will never attempt either a boat refit, restoration or new build project unless it is being handled by Donnie Caison!"
- B. Douglass, Pirate's Pride Captain & Owner 
"Everything is running perfect...What a boat!!!"  
-S. Wilcox, Jennelle Captain & Owner

Caison Yachts Apparel 

Check out our online store to buy Caison Yachts apparel.  Get your very own t-shirt, Tervis Tumblers, hat, visor, koozie or croakie!