Custom Refit

Custom Refit. Re-power.
Re-imagine. Repair.

The experienced and creative Caison Yachts team are experts at custom refits. We can give your boat a brand new look and feel. Repairs and a first-class paint job can return your boat to her original beauty. Have more of a transformation in mind? Consider a full interior refit or adding a new tower and electronics. Even more exciting might be to re-imagine the cockpit layout to include a mezzanine or re-power your boat with state of the art engines. With Donnie’s engineering & design skills and the crew’s outstanding talents, you’ll be surprised at the possibilities and deeply satisfied with the results.  

As always, if you can dream it, we can build it!

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‘ABUNAI’ means danger in Hawaii, where this 58′ Buddy Davis now calls home. The former ‘Toy Machine’ was completely revitalized in 2014 with paint work inside and out, along with nearly all new interior luxuries.  The mechanicals, plumbing and electronics were entirely upgraded with state of the art components.


This 58′ C&L received complete topside paint, upgrades in her systems with new water tanks & lighting, all new power steering and an overall refresher for a definite improvement for future fishing excursions.


The ‘Chicken Ship’ a 54′ Jarrett Bay underwent a complete interior redesign along with the addition of a cockpit mezzanine & teak covering boards for a sleek new look and feel.