Design & Build Process

Our custom building process begins with you.

“If you can dream it, we can build it!” 

This is the founding principle of Donnie Caison’s custom building process.  As CEO and designer, he fully understands and has experienced the excitement of his customer’s fresh ideas combined with the age old tradition of classic Carolina Boats. Each vessel is carefully crafted based upon the your ideals & Donnie’s expert original designs.


The process begins in the design phase by meeting with Donnie and sharing ideas for your perfect boat. During the design phase, you’ll receive 3-D renderings of your dream boat, so you can fully visualize the layout of  the exterior elements of the vessel, the interior salon, staterooms and engine room. When the design is finalized, a milestone timeline is created to begin the building process.

Phase I

During Phase I of the building process, your new Caison Yacht begins her journey! Cold molded hull construction begins with cutting a precise jig using a CNC router. Stringers & stem are formed and set into place–your boat begins to find her Carolina boat curves. And when rib bands are added, you’ll really begin to see the distinctive ‘Carolina Flare’ of a Caison Yacht.

Phase II

During Phase II, the cold molded process has been completed for the hull & house, while all the interior & exterior elements are skillfully hand customized–from electronics to cabinetry.  Fine finishes, expert paint work & excellent metal fabrication begin to bring the vessel to life. With the addition of power and drive systems, you’ll begin to really sense the great fishing days to come.

Finishing Touches

Your Caison Yacht has undergone exciting transformations, and as anticipation builds, finishing touches are added–tower, outriggers, curtains, interior appointments and her name on the transom.  It’s time for her christening and lots of great days ahead-let the fishing begin!